SEFF Week 2017

April 24-30th, 2017

The World's Premier Electric RC Flight Event



SEFF Prizes

We have some really cool stuff to give away! Numerous kits and other goodies will be given away as prizes at this year's event.

Each Pilot that Pre-registers will receive five free SEFF Prize Tickets, additional tickets may be purchased.  All tickets purchased in advance will be pre-stamped with your Pilot number on them and can be picked up at time of registration. 

Additional SEFF Prize Tickets will also be available for sale at the event for:

50 tickets for $35.00
100 tickets for $50.00
200 tickets for $75.00

We will hold drawings for the SEFF Prizes as follows:

  • Thursday: Drawings at 1pm & 2pm for Bronze prizes only.
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday:  Drawings for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Prizes hourly @ 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm & 4pm.  There will be no drawing during the noon demo’s…so everyone can enjoy the show.
  • You must be present to win, you have until 5:00pm to claim your prize for that day. 
  • A special drawing will be held Friday evening during the Barbeque/Awards Dinner for the aircraft Radios.  We will limit one aircraft Radio prize per ticket holder. 
  • Thank you for helping support SEFF by purchasing Donation Drawing Tickets

Notification of Numbers drawn

In order to make sure everyone will be aware of the Winners, the Staff will be delivering Sign Boards on the hour for each drawing for each of the flightlines. (3-D, Heli, Parkflyer, Float Flyer, FPV/Multirotor, and Sport.  The winning Pilot Numbers will not be called over the PA until the Sign Boards are in place.

List of Vendor Donated Prizes to date: